What is Witchcraft

What exactly is Witchcraft?

Most people do not know it but real Witchcraft does not have anything to do with Satanism or satanic magic. In fact, the majority of witches think of Satan as some sort of fairy creature manufactured by the church in order to coerce non Christians into believing in the Christian god. Witchcraft or Wicca is in fact a religion. Members of this Witchcraft religion believe that creation is impossible without the existence of a male and female energy, and that is why pagans worship a god and goddess.

Witchcraft gods and goddesses

Both gods have an equal power and no god is more important than the other. Women are supposed to be treated the same as men. Just as both the male and female gods are revered equally. In Witchcraft, you have male plus female equals in everything from spells, to creation. The pentacle has been associated with Witchcraft for many years and is used as a sign of satanic worship but in Witchcraft, it is used a symbol of their belief, whereas in satanic worship it is used upside down during worship.

Witchcraft and spells

One common association with Witchcraft is casting spells, which is made possible by gathering, magnifying and focusing psychic power to cause an effect. Sometimes the use of props like candles and incense is not really essential to causing the desired result, but instead, the ability to focus attention and visualize. But either way, candles and incense are still an integral part of Witchcraft and have many uses. As wizards progress in Witchcraft, they can perfect their skill so that they can cause an effect by simply wishing it.

Witchcraft and White Magic

There is a huge misunderstanding about white magic and its uses in Witchcraft, especially due to some TV shows which depict Witchcraft and magic as evil and ugly. Today, most witches practice white magic and no they are not ugly old hags. For clarification, white magic and Witchcraft generally are not of evil origin; they draw their roots in the wisdom, love and passion of energies of the universe.

Use Witchcraft energies for positive outcome

Using these energies for human purposes is what defines a good or bad witch. When people engage in Witchcraft, they do not have to perform spells. It is true that white magic involves spells, but they are composed of love, wisdom and universal truths and are used to perform positive acts.

White magic can be looked at as one human being caring for another through the knowledge and enlightenment using universal truths.

While taking time to understand Witchcraft, you should get to know spiritual energy and the role it plays in universal forces. Energies like cosmic forces, universal forces and spiritual energies are used in Witchcraft for many purposes. Universal energy is a literal force that takes all your actions and thoughts and tries to materialize them. This is why you should only try to entertain healthy and productive thoughts.

Energies as used in Witchcraft

Witchcraft teaches people to pay attention to their thoughts and realize that each decision they make has significant impact on their current and future existence. When people learn about these powers and how they influence their lives, they start to make better choices.

Staying away from Witchcraft fraudsters

There are plenty of frauds out there who promise great Witchcraft and powers that be, and they usually want a lot of money from you. But when you understand how Witchcraft works you can protect yourself from scams and fraud. Usually, if something relating to Witchcraft sounds too crazy or unreal, it is usually fake. When it comes to con artists and how they use peoples’ ignorance of Witchcraft to steal from them, there are usually plenty of ‘red flags’ and if you are looking you will see right through them.

Not everyone who practices Witchcraft is genuine.

Some common Witchcraft fakes:

-High prices for acts of Witchcraft

-Intimidating Witchcraft websites

-Inconclusive information on Witchcraft site and FAQs

-They belittle other Witchcraft followers and spell casters

-Claiming to have a magical spell for anything

-Very low prices for their Witchcraft

-Outrageous promises based on Witchcraft

-A request for personal items

-A feeling that a person does not know or understand Witchcraft.

How to get information on Witchcraft

Take the time to do your own research on Witchcraft to better understand some basic principles so that people cannot fool you.

Most Witchcraft scams exist because people are ignorant of the way things really work and are too lazy to find out. There is a general interest in things spiritual but sometimes, getting accurate information can be the problem. Doing your own research on Witchcraft can help you learn some magical truths, and in most cases will shed light on some lingering questions you already have.

Witchcraft or magic does not have to be intimidating and frightening. If you find it so, then there is a chance that you are dealing with the wrong person. Common sense will save you plenty of time when discovering the world of Witchcraft and magic.

In Witchcraft there are natural born witches

Some people are natural born witches and they do not know it. They are born with natural magic and some unusual abilities and they can practice any religion but they still have their abilities. Through studying Witchcraft, they can learn to harness their power and use it positively. In Witchcraft, these people have a level of natural ability which needs to be exercised and if possible a coach would be helpful.

Understanding Witchcraft takes time

Witchcraft is a broad subject and it takes more than a lifetime to understand some aspects of it and to cover most areas. If you study Witchcraft, you will come across many magic spells all of which have their uses, and some may or may not work. Some Witchcraft spellsmay work if they are in the best interest of everyone involved and some, well if they are not, then they will not work. This is the case with white magic and Witchcraft in general, if it is not for a positive cause then it will not always work.