Weight loss Spells understanding the effect

Weigth Loss Spells

Weight loss spells, understanding the effect

Weight Loss SpellsWeight loss spells  are all over the Internet, but do they really work. It is not a matter of whether it works or not, but a matter of how you can make them work for you. If you ever wanted to lose weight, then delving into the realm of magic can be a good way to start. Weight loss spells can help you lose weight as long as you keep a positive attitude about it.


Weight loss spells and other spells work by influencing the energy around and within you. The mind is a very powerful tool and as long as you know how to use it, it can help you create changes in your physical appearance. There are so many so-called weight loss diets and exercises, but these only work when the mind within also wills the body to lose weight. Many people lose weigh because they lack the inner drive to do so. This is where the realm of magic comes into play. Weigh loss spells work because they influence the mind and its effect on the physical body.

How About Exercise And Diet

Have you ever tried any type of diet or exercise regimen? Most of the time, these programs do not work because they lack continuity. After the person loses weight, he or she goes back to being a couch potato or an overeater. In many cases, these programs fail because the person involved does not have the persistence to keep on going. Weight loss spells can help provide the needed internal motivation for people to lose weight. In fact, the weight loss spells often work because they cause the person involved to be reminded from time to time when he or she needs to exercise or eat a balanced diet.

Diet and exercise are two of the most important aspects of weight loss. Hence, weight loss spells that focus on providing you with the determination to exercise or eat a proper diet work better than those that focus on wishful thinking. Although there are many sites that promote certain weight loss spells, it is important to note that these spells are meant to influence the physical world through the inner being, which includes the function of the mind and will.

Types Of Weight Loss Spells

You can either cast weight loss spells on yourself or pay someone to perform the spell for your sake. If you want to ensure that the weight loss spells are performed properly, then it is a good idea to hire someone to do it. However, there are also free spells that you can perform yourself. If you do not want to pay someone, then it is best to learn how to cast the spell properly and do it on your own.

Expectations On Weight Loss Spells

If you tried dieting and exercising and still do not lose weight, then there may be a problem with your attitude towards fitness. You may be too lazy to exercise or too gluttonous to start dieting. Therefore, you can cast weight loss spells to decrease your appetite, increase your metabolism, or increase your energy levels. These are all within the realms of possibility so there is no doubt that these weight loss spells can work. Understand that weight loss spells do not work at once. It takes time for the desire to take form. When you cast weight loss spells, do not expect to have the result the next day. It does not work that way.

The Effects Of Weight Loss Spells

There are various effects depending on the focus of the weight loss spells. There are some spells that increase the body’s metabolic process. When the spell is cast, the body begins to metabolize fats a lot faster than normal. Most people do not easily lose weight because their metabolic rates are low. Therefore, if a spell is cast focusing on metabolism, it can increase the rate and allow the person to lose weight faster.

Some weight loss spells also work by decreasing appetite. Some people cannot control their appetite and tend to gain weight. There are spells that focus primarily on affecting the body’s craving for food. The craving is actually controlled by the brain. The focus of the spell is to bind the things that cause the brain to send out false hunger alarms to the body. If the spell is successful, the caster or the subject of the spell can have better control on appetite and therefore lose weight.

A spell can also work by increasing the body’s energy levels. This is somewhat connected to the increase in metabolism. When the body has more energy, it has more drive to perform physical activities, thus causing the subject of the spell to lose weight faster. Keep in mind that spells only work when you maintain a positive attitude on the effect of the spell. If you have doubts on the effect of the spell, it can actually cause the spell to be inefficient. Understand that what the mind believes can actually turn into reality, especially if the thought is too strong to overpower the effect of the weight loss spells.

A Sample Weight Loss Spell

You can find a lot of testimonies online stating that weight loss spells do work. Nonetheless, you should be very careful about choosing spells. Here is one that works:

1. Stand in front of a mirror and place your hands on your stomach. Recite the following incantation:

Goddess hear my plead
Make me the weight that I want to heed
This size is too big for me
A size (the size you want to be) I want to be
So Mote It Be

2. As you recite the incantation, visualize yourself as having the weight you want

3. Perform the spell 3 times for better effect

The effect of the spell will not be instantaneous. However, with repeated use, it will cause the body to conform to the size you want. In some cases, it can have an effect after a few hours, but not to the size you want right away. Weight loss spells work, but it will definitely take them time to provide a positive effect in most cases.

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