Money Spells, what are they?

Money SpellsMoney Spells, what are they? ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId af4bd6c330e5e913870be5bbae6f1f2e  cb 1439296396463 are a controversial subject and some wizards and witches are against the prospect of using magic to aide in financial gain. Just like it is with love spells and other powerful spells used in the world of magic, some common sense is needed. The issue of ethical magic is brought up Witchcraft Spells  Money Spells, what are they? money spellmany times when people use Money Spells to succeed financially. Most people’s reasoning is why would the Goddess or the universe itself subject people to a life of poverty?

How Money Spells are used

You can use Money SpellsMoney Spells, what are they? ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 13df64efe07fd3c3e9436ed12a5b3901  cb 1439296410390 to improve your life significantly if you can start thinking of yourself positively when it comes to financial matters. Money Spells need to be backed by the right mental attitude if they are going to have any positive effect. When people use negative words like ‘I was born poor and will die the same’, or other more common remarks, ‘I cannot get ahead in life’, they release negative energy that follows them for most of their lives.

Words can make or ruin you

In a sense, people predict their own future by pronouncing failure in their lives and as a result, they attract poverty. It is vital to think of yourself as blessed and successful so that Money Spells can help make it happen. It is not really about lying to yourself; it is just the concept of being optimistic with life. It is a lot healthier than to live negatively without a purpose or any sense of direction and Money SpellsMoney Spells, what are they? ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 6c1ec92bc7f4e28ea5eedbe3ef1ac65d  cb 1439296418433 can help get you where you need to be.

Do Money Spells really work?

You may be asking yourself if Money SpellsMoney Spells, what are they? ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId a122c9a04c8bb265a21217a10dc031f2  cb 1439296432136 actually work and how luck plays out in success. The truth is, Money Spells and luck are actually closely related. Luck is just a form of attraction magic which some people seem to possess and it leads to success in virtually everything they set out to do. Sometimes people are born with that attraction and some people use Money Spells to gain it.

How to use attraction magic

A simple way to use Money Spells and positive energy is to surround yourself with positive energy and approach life in a positive and optimistic attitude. When you are confident that you will succeed, you most certainly will. It is one of those laws of nature that cannot be broken. People who surround themselves with luck magic have it easy in life and they always succeed. It is what people call the law of attraction.

Law of attraction and Money Spells

The law of attractionMoney Spells, what are they? ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 858a73550ecd8e901406a9c8bd536f43  cb 1439296375710 is universal and the rule that ‘whatever you put out comes back’ is connected to magic and Money Spells. The law of luck has roots in mysticism and magic and the more you believe you are lucky, the more it grows. Money Spells are used as a shortcut to acquire these positive energies that attract success and require faith to work. The spell caster will usually tell you to believe in the money spell and when you are infused with the right positive energy you are already a success.

That same principle used in Money Spells can be applied to bad luck. Some people seem cursed no matter what they do, and you will probably hear them say ‘I cannot ever accomplish anything!’, or other equally destructive declarations. For Money Spells to work, you need to play your part and act like success. You have to completely believe in the casting, as the spell caster will tell you.

You can use Money Spells for everyone in your family if you feel the need to, but they all need to be mentally in sync for it to work. You might need to open a savings or checking account to show to the world that you are ready to receive, because Money Spells need all the faith they can get. In order for Money Spells to be more effective, they can be cast by a wizard or witch who has been known to create powerful spells that give maximum results.

Accomplished witches usually make their own spells but it requires a lot of experience. There are plenty of Money Spells you can do yourself to boost your luck power and have financial success either at work, or in your business ventures.

This here is a simple luck Money Spell.

Things you will need:

Seven dimes
Paper and pen
Bay leaf
A quart jar with screw-on lid

Use a paper and pen to write your need and then drop the paper into the jar. Now drop the dimes one by one into the jar using your dominant hand. While each dime drops in the jar start to visualize the money multiplying and repeat this_

‘Towards this wish, the money grows. By leaps and bounds it overgrows. Coins that jingle, coins that shine. Come to me now you are mine!’

On the back of the bay leaf, write your name and then drop it into the jar. Now, screw the lid on tightly enough and put it in a place where only you can see it. Your friends and neighbors should not see the jar. Whenever you can, add a coin to the jar and over time, you will come to watch as money flows right into your life.

After you have gotten the money you need, empty the jar, bury the paper outside and then wash the jar for a future spell.

This use of law of attraction with Money Spells should be handled seriously, because the effects of it in real life are undeniable. It is important to understand that Money Spells and any other spell for that matter, work through the subconscious, and that using spells, rituals, meditation or any other practice to achieve goals in life works by altering the subconscious.

Therefore, understanding the power of self hypnosis is the key to understanding Money Spells and making proper use of them. Accessing the power of the altered state of consciousness will give you great power to influence your attitude and actions in life, which will give you more control. For now, just concentrate on making your Money Spells a success.

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