Love Spells

Love SpellsLove Spells for hate

Love Spells have been in use for quite some time and they have caused great happiness and have also been the reason behind plenty of heartache. It really depends on how they are used, and if the motive behind using Love Spells is not ethical, then using it would be bad, to say the least. Love is one of those unexplainable human emotions that can cross all known boundaries to cause a positive effect. Love has been known to drive ordinary people to do complete otherwise unachievable feats just to prove their worth.

Love Spells can also backfire

Conversely, when love spells backfire they can cause people to do the most dreadful things. It is safe to say that love is a very strong emotion that can bring out the best or the worst in people. Love Spells can be used to manipulate people and control their emotions and this is why people are not too fond of the idea of using them. Love Spells are not always used negatively though, they can do good when used for the right reasons, such as to strengthen a relationship.

Love Spells should be used realistically

If they are used among lovers, Love Spells are rarely frowned upon. When used for the purpose of selfish results, Love Spells can cause destruction for everyone. Before practicing any form of Love Spells, it is important to remember that you cannot force someone to fall in love with you, not realistically anyway. If at all there is an effect after the spell has been cast, it will mostly be against their will.

It is also good to remember that the fundamental rules of love are built on mutual respect for everyone and the fact that if you actually love someone, you would not want to see them manipulated and controlled. When Love Spells are used on people who have feelings for each other, they have a stronger effect because they only supplement an already existing connection.

Love Spells have a place in history

Love Spells have been in use for the longest period of time. Where they started is anyone’s guess, but their effects can be seen in many traditions. Mentions of Love Spells in history also affirm their relevance in history. For instance, in Egyptian and Greek mythology, Love Spells and love in general play a vital part of many stories.

An instance where Love Spells can lead to trouble is in the case of Apuleius, a philosopher in the second century, he was accused of using Love Spells to attract his wife, although he was acquitted. Love Spells were performed with great intensity in the ancient world and each tribe had their own concoctions which worked wonders when utilized.

Witches and wizards were consulted in matters of the heart and they came up with some powerful spells to attract even the hardest of hearts and make them love slaves. Because of their abilities to cast powerful Love Spells and magic in general, witches and wizards were revered in a lot of traditions. Love charms and potions were used to incite feelings of love. Usually the person interested in casting the spell would have to be involved in executing the spell on their victim, perhaps by using a lock of hair or some personal effects.

Love Spells have not changed much since their use in the early times. The same rules apply and in some cases, the same cutting of hair and wearing charms on the body are still used.

Positive Love Spells

Love Spells are used to bring out inner forces that help people become the best they can be. When people discover their inner fears and blockades, they can work to remove them and that is where Love Spells help. If you cast a spell with all of the right intentions, then you will most likely bring out the best of the other person. These are some of the inner qualities that Love Spells exude:

  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Admiration
  • Joy
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Power
  • Understanding

When a love spell channels positive energy, we call it a positive love spell. In order for the spell to have positive effects you should be of the right frame of mind, meaning you should have positive energy and vigor to make the spell happen.

Negative Love Spells

When Love Spells are cast for the wrong reasons, they are usually characterized by energies like vengeance and hatred. These kinds of spells tend to be more complex and require some skill to pull off. Love Spells that are cast for the wrong reasons also tend to end in destruction for everyone and cause innocent people to get hurt in the process. Negative Love Spells can be classified as black magic and they are mastered by witches and wizards who usually charge a fee to perform them.

Some of the uses of negative Love Spells:

  • Winning back estranged lovers
  • Manipulating a friend to become a lover
  • Breaking up relationships
  • Used to force same sex relationships

As you can see, using Love Spells to gain these results only contradicts the fundamental rules of love, respect and protection. Love is supposed to be selfless and caring and sometimes the only way to determine if someone is actually in love is to assess their motives.

A positive Love Spell:

In order for positive Love Spells to work, you need to channel the right energy so keep that in mind. This here is a simple love spell that almost always works.

Things you will need:

  • Your favorite perfume
  • 1 letter envelope
  • Your favorite shade of red lipstick
  • Pink or red flower petals
  • 1 sheet of lined paper
  • 1 red pen marker

Use the pen and paper to write the qualities you want in a lover. Spritz the paper with the perfume, fold the paper and put it in the envelope. Take the petals in your right hand and start envisioning yourself happy and in love. Keep squeezing the petals while you envision this scene.

Now, drop the petals in the envelope and seal the spell with a kiss. Apply the red lipstick then kiss the envelope. Afterwards, put the envelope away and never open it again.

Love Spells do not have to be complex and weird to have an effect. It is usually your attitude that determines results.

If you try to put a specific persons’ characteristics on the paper, the spell will not have any effect. Love Spells are most effective when they are used to better oneself or boost an existing relationship.