Healing Spells

Using Healing Spells to Stay Healthy

Why people use Healing Spells

Everyone gets sick every  once in a while. Due to the normal interaction of people, certain illnesses are guaranteed to spread, and Healing Spells can be used to alter the effects of illness. Perfect health is for a lot of people unattainable, not unless you have magic. People have been using black magic and healing spells for thousands of years for the soul  purpose of attaining a healthy and happy existence.

Positive and negative Healing Spells

Healing Spells can be positive or negative, depending on the effect they have on the person in question. If they cast a positive effect and cause no harm, then they are positive spells, but if not, then they are negative. Healing Spells can be used to cure illnesses just as they can be used to treat an injury or wound caused by an accident. Even a simple rash can be cured using some form of Healing Spells if the right content is used.

Role of witches and magicians in Healing Spells

Witches and magicians are known to perform all kinds of Healing Spells on people in order to cure them of otherwise incurable diseases or injury. Some of the commonly used Healing Spells are listed here:

  • Negative healing spells
  • Protection spell
  • Cure spell
  • Hurt spell

Healing Spells can heal all sorts of maladies

When used to cure maladies, the spells can reverse all types of illnesses including the common cold and cancer. At the same time, they can be used to cast a spell on someone to cause some sort of bodily harm to them or perhaps cause an injury. In the case of protection, they could shield them from the very same. A curse can be placed on an unsuspecting victim to undo what Healing Spells do and cause harm to a person.

Healing Spells need candles and a few other paraphernalia in order to work. A picture of the person in question would also be used to complete the ritual. The candle should be buried to signify the end of the disease, and a few oils such as rosemary can be used in the spell. Normally, one would be required to chant a few lines to enforce the spell, and the ritual may be done every 24 hours or so, for a period of time.

Timing is everything

For the Healing Spells to work, they have to be done at the right time. Solar events have been known to affect the power of magic and if utilized properly, they can have significant effect on the spell to make it work. Healing Spells for instance, may be done during the dark of the moon, five hours after sunrise for a period of time. If Healing Spells are to have any effect, it is vital that they be done at the right time.

Common Healing Spells for common diseases

In order to help speed up recovery from a serious illness, you would need to do the following: Take a white candle, shaped like a human of the appropriate gender, write their name on the candle. Use myrrh to anoint the candle and start to visualize healing energy flowing from you to the candle. Having a picture of the person in question will make doing this ritual easier. You need to recite the following:

‘In the name of the goodness who breathes life into us all, I consecrate and charge this candle as a magical tool for healing’.

Take out the person’s photo and place the candle on top of it and then light the wick. Start visualizing the person being healed – basically, will them to health. Recite this during the process:

‘Magic mend and candle burn, sickness end and good health return’. 

For Healing Spells to work, you need to recite the lines until the candle eventually burns out, after which you should take the remains of the candle and bury it to signify burying the disease. This ritual can be used on a number of illnesses, but you will find that Healing Spells tend to be different and sometimes even small details can make or break the spell’s power. In order to be sure of which spell to use, inquire about the condition you are trying to treat so you know what you are dealing with.

Let us look at specific Healing Spells to heal a specific condition. Wiccan magic can be used to heal a broken heart but it should only be used by believers. Non believers should simply respect Wiccan beliefs just as Wiccan practitioners stay away from other peoples beliefs.

Healing Spells can be used to heal a broken heart.

In order for the spell to work you will need the following:

  • Small drawstring bag
  • Two candles
  • Copper penny
  • Mirror
  • ¼ cup of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried jasmine
  • 1 teaspoon orris root powder
  • 1 teaspoon yarrow
  • ¼ cup lavender flowers
  • A flat surface, such as a table

In order for most Healing Spells to work, they have to be done at the right time of the month. This one should be done on the eve of a full moon. When the sun sets, take a bath, add sea salt to the bath water and only use the light of a single candle. When you are done taking the bath, get dressed and then blow out the candle.

Light the other candle and place it on a flat surface and lay the mirror down before it, face up. Place the jasmine, orris and lavender on the mirror and mix them up until they are blended. When you are done mixing, chant these words:

“Spirit of the moon,

Heal my broken heart,

Let the shadows of pain,

Drift away in your silvery light,

Spirit of the moon,

Let my heart heal,

And once more be strong,

That I may love again.”

Put the mixture in the drawstring bag and place the penny in it. You can now extinguish the candle. The bag should be kept in your room near where you sleep until your heat heals. When you learn about Healing Spells you also attain the experience needed to perform the rituals without a hitch. As long as Healing Spells are used for good, there should not be a problem.