Free Spells

How to Use the Best Free Spells

Finding the best free spells can help you to live a more fulfilling and happy life.  If you are new to free spells, you may have a few questions as to how to do them.  You may wonder what types of free spells are available to you and how they can positively affect your life.  Knowing how to cast free spells and how to find the one that is right for you is the first step to being a successful spell caster.  There is nothing wrong with making use of some free spells so that you can try them out without spending any money.

Knowing How to Use Free Spells There are many different free spells that are available to you.  These free spells may be on prosperity or even love.  The important thing is to understand how to successfully use these free spells so that your wishes can come into fruition.  The first thing you will want to do is to perform the free spells using the right colored candles and during the right moon phase.  During a full moon, free spells are the most effective and have more chance of actually coming true.  The colors of the candles you use is also an important aspect to just about any free spells that happen to be available.

For instance, if you are doing free spells on love, the candle you should burn while performing the ritual should be red.  In all free spells, the color red stands for passion and romance.  Likewise, the color green is best for financial free spells that help to bring money and possessions.  Most free spells that are available will tell you what types of supplies you will need.  Most free spells call for candles, while others may need herbs and incense to really bring about the full power of the spell itself.

Another important thing to remember when doing free spells is the intent behind each spell.  You should never be negative when wishing for something with free spells.  For example, the free spells you choose may be one for more money or for more happiness in life.  When casting the free spells, you should not feel unhappy or feel like you are desperate for money.  You should feel the way you want to feel when the free spells come true.  This will definitely help when it comes to having free spells that are successful and are sure to bring joy to your life.

One other thing that all free spells casters need to know is that you should never bring harm to another person.  There are some free spells out there that are available that you can use to put a supposed curse on another person.  In witchcraft with free spells, it is important to remember the rule of three.  Whatever you do to someone else with free spells, it comes back to you threefold.  This can be scary to think about when casting free spells, but it is best to stay away from trying to put curses on other people or trying to make another person’s life miserable for revenge using free spells.

By using free spells properly, you will be sure to bring health, happiness, and joy into your life in just a matter of minutes.  Be sure to take your time with each of the free spells that you use to ensure that you put the most energy into each of them.  Exhume the feelings of what you would want if the free spells come true.  All free spells are effective as long as you want them to be.  The important thing is to believe in the free spells so that they have more power to them and are more likely to come true.

One of the Free Spells Available One thing that almost everyone who is looking for free spells wants in life is more money.  It seems that many free spells on the Internet are all about finances and how to better your financial life.  It does not matter whether you are looking for a little extra cash to buy that beautiful dress you’ve been eying or if you really need a lot of money to afford your mortgage, there are free spells out there that will help you out if you only use them properly and have the best intent when you are doing the casting.

While many feel that free spells are not effective, here is one of the most powerful money free spells you will ever cast.  You need to have a green candle and a new penny.  You should sit in front of the candle while it is lit and pray about what you need.  Speak out loud while you are expressing your free spells and wishes.  You may say that you need a lot of money, but it is best to be specific with most free spells.  Say how much exactly you need and what you need it for with free spells.  Place a shiny penny into the melted wax of the candle, being sure not to burn your fingers.  Continue to pray and express your wishes over the candle when using free spells.

Now, feel what you would feel if you were to receive that money and what it would make you feel like while performing free spells.  Think about the future using this money and what it would be used for after free spells.  Keep your eyes closed while performing the free spells for finance.  The free spells are most effective when they are done during a full moon.  Now, extinguish the candle and the free spells using a snuff or water.  You should never blow on a candle that has had free spells cast upon it.

From here, you will want to let the wax completely cool and then cut the penny out of it.  Take the penny, continuing your prayers, and go outside into the full moon and bury it into the dirt where the moon shines.  You will find that after a little while, your free spells actually come to life and bring what you need.  It is amazing to see just how powerful even free spells can be as long as you believe that they will come true and as long as you put the right intent behind them while casting.