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We want you give you a warm welcome here. Maybe you came here through one of our social media channels. Maybe you found us on Googles, Bing or other search engines. Or maybe it was just Karma that you ended up here. What ever brought you here, we are more than happy that you came.

Witchcraft is first and fore most a shop, but having said that it is also quickly growing into a place where good articles find a place so a growing audience can enjoy and read on Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan and a whole array of what a lot of people in the world experience as strange, frightening and in some areas of the world as a dangerous practice. One only has to set on a service like Google Alerts on the keyword Witchcraft and you get more than once a day an article on witchcraft. Most of the time of the violent nature.

The name

We think the name witchcraft talks about the craft that witches Posses. They also speak about the “Craft”  A close relationship to nature and a deep sensitive spirit. Most of the witches we encounter on a day to day base are very friendly down to earth people. We have a rapid growing Fan page on Facebook and boards on Pinterest which are being feed with pictures, spells and information in general.

The Craft throughout the ages.

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Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692 /1693

Witchcraft is age old and it supersedes Christianity by centuries. The Craft and Christianity have had a tense relationship and history has grueling stories on the prosecution of witches of people suspected of practicing the craft. Often they were tortured and burned alive to make them confess to being a witch. For the readers in the United States are the Salem Witch Trialswitchcraft Witchcraft ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 1f5b85c817fe19d6cc29bb8ba406bfed  cb 1440877146746 a well know dark spot in history.  These trials were a series of prosecutions of suspected witches in Massachusetts in the years 1692 en 1693. These trials costed 2o people, mostly women their lives.

But also in Europe the Church did everything in its power to find and prosecute everybody that could have anything to do with Witchcraft. The prosecution of witches lasted in Europe between 1450 and 1750 and costed tens of thousands of victims. Estimates vary from 30,000 to 60,000 and of those 80% were women mostly elderly (60) poor, alone and powerless. Because of the grueling tortures most of these “witches” confessed and we strangled and burned to be able to go to heaven after all.


Modern Day Witchcraft

These days we have a clearly different image of Witchcraft. Ever since the mid last century the image of the witch has been changing due to the media that popularized witches and the craft.
One only has to think about musicals like The Wizard of Ozwitchcraft Witchcraft ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId e51ebcf40bcee773280026904748902d  cb 1440878284569 dating back to 1939. Which Witchwitchcraft Witchcraft ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 7e284b1b6cd86d90b753beb293a17143  cb 1440878274251 a Norwegian Play in 1987. And later the tremendous succes of Wickedwitchcraft Witchcraft ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId 8adf4833032547d55549a89492b3d8b5  cb 1440878298386. And then of course the various tv series out there on the tube. Witches, Vampires and the likes became quite popular. Also the tremendous funny movie the Witches of Eastwickwitchcraft Witchcraft ir source bk t mywealandmyhe 20 bm id default l ktl linkId d583caa814449fbb705ea79dcd63958b  cb 1440878389504

Harry Potter

Lets not forget mr Potter, the creation of JK Rowling. Harry Potter and his fellow actors in the movies and characters in the books must be among the most famous of witches that ever existed. He and Merlin of course.

And You?

Then there is the growing group of people who consider themselves Witches. And there are more Witches out there then we would imagine at first glance. Most of them lead quit normal lives and for many of them you wouldn’t recognize the witch unless she told you she was. And there is an enormous group of people who are just curious about thing related to Witchcraft and are on a expedition to satisfy they hunger for knowledge. For all of you this place is aiming to become a hub of information.

So if you feel like interacting please do so. Agree or don’t Agree with us please share your opinion. Just don’t spam us or we will spell you :) witchcraft Witchcraft simple smile